Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Reebonz online shopping review

I am sure many of you have heard about Reebonz online website which sells new and vintage luxury items at heavily discounted prices. I have made a few purchases from them as well, after being unable to resist the temptation of buying something at a much lower price.

Recently I bought another bag which I have thought it was a regrettable decision I made because the style of the bag doesn't suit me. It was a Tod bag with a central zipped divider separating 2 compartments. Now it wasn't clearly stated on the website this is how the bag will look like and the photos did not show the full interior of the bag. The reason why it doesn't suit me is because I rely heavily on bag organiser and there is no room to fit in one if you have a central zipper blocking the way.

There is no way of returning the bag to Reebonz because most of its ads state no returns nor exchanges for sale items. But most of their items are sale items anyway. So after a few of these shopping mishaps, I decided to share with you the lessons I have learnt...

Never buy a bag which you have not seen or touched before
This is very true for hand bags as they are very personal items. Do note that there are several different styles for the same line of hand bags as well. In my case, the Tod bag has one without the central zipper which I have seen in their shop. But photos on the reebonz website doesn't show every aspect of the hand bag they are selling. So if I have seen the real bag in a shop, I may not have bought it at all.

Do not rely on the dimensions given.
This is very true for certain hand bags as a length 30 cm can be roomy and spacious for certain styles but appear small and cramp for others. The cutting and zippers and other details matter a lot. It also doesn't tell you the weight of a bag. This is particular true for Miu Miu bags which has fallen out of favour in recent times because of the heavy hardware and bulky matelasse leather that it carries for certain styles. Most of the photos are misleading. A small size bag look almost similar to the medium or even large size bag in photos. So my best advice is to go to the shop, look and carry the bag before you click "purchase".

The bags they carry are either past season or those that are slow to sell
Although this may not apply to every bag but do take note majority of them are posted there for a reason. The more popular ones are usually sold before you realise it is there. Some of the deals are usually too good to be true, especially the 70% discounted items, which doesn't allow returns or exchanges. So if you have bought the bag and you don't like it, you will be stuck with it.

They always have time sales to pressure you into buying
These sales can last 1-2 days and promise you very big discounts off the retail prices. It's part of a marketing strategy to make you develop an urge to purchase before the sale is off. But if you watch these sales on a regular basis, they come back again every few days and the same bag, if not sold, will be listed for an even lower price. So do not buy without doing your research and seeing the actual bag.

Not so secure payment using credit card
Most of the time I pay for the item using PayPal. There was once I accidentally choose the option of credit card. Instead of asking you for the details of your credit card number via a secured online transaction, a Reebonz staff called me the same afternoon to ask me for my card details (date of expiry and CVV number). Very few online business operate in such a way. So beware of using your credit card.

Their vintage items are priced very similar to retail prices
For selected items, you might want to know the retail price before buying a vintage. I have come across a few of them with prices not very different from new pieces. So ask yourself whether you would rather pay a few hundreds more for an unused item from the boutique or buy something which has been used by someone else.

So far, I haven't had an encounter for post sales service from them. But a Google search did throw up several reviewers on purseforum who claimed their after sales service left a bitter taste for them. I had a phone conversation with their staff where she was asking me for my credit card details - it did give me a feeling that she was very rushed and impatient on the phone. I expressed my surprise that she had to call me up to verify my credit card details and as a wary consumer, I asked her if this was a routine and acceptable practice. In the end, I didn't get a very satisfactory answer.

Reebonz buys pre-owned items from consumers as well. The prices they offer are usually very low. Once I sold my Miu Miu (retail at $2000) for $400 to them. This was at about 1/5 of the price I paid for. But there was not much choice as this was a brand which doesn't retain much value and there were not many avenue to sell pre-owned bags. Reebonz do not accept pre-owned Coach and Kate Spade anymore. So if you were really into these brands, you should just buy and keep them forever or pass them to your relatives if you decided not to use them anymore. I sold a few of them on Gumtree but that was after much hassle - a lot of bargaining involved and some of these buyers never show up at all.

So think twice or even thrice before committing to your online purchase. I think it is best to go overseas to buy such luxury items and claim tax refund - you get to see and feel the item and at the same time get a huge discount.


Sincerity said...

Thank you very much for sharing these informations! :)

Jin How said...

Did you actually give them your credit card number? 😱