Saturday, November 1, 2014

Woollycroak relaunched

This has been our wedding blog since 2005.

For a couple of years, the domain has suffered a huge state of neglect as we are both busied with our married and working lives. I become tired of updating the blog because it requires me to switch on my computer and spend hours to resize and upload the photos.

Now that the domain is still being paid for on a yearly basis and because there is so much emotional attachment to this name, I decided to give it another lease of life. Blogging also becomes a little easier with the use of android apps and I can post a new entry and upload my photos taken from my handphone.

I think it is a good avenue to post reviews of services and products which we have come across so that other people can make an informed choice before spending their money. Hopefully you will find some use to the reviews that I write.

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