Saturday, May 9, 2015

My Natal essentials review

To save time on cooking confinement food, I ordered confinement tingkat. There are some positive reviews on natal essentials on facebook groups ; most of them claimed the food portion was good and arrived warm. I stupidly believed such reviews and order 1 month. Now, on retrospection, the confinement food from TMC was much better - I tasted it when I was in hospital.

My main grouse with natal essentials was there was no vegetables for almost every meal. The two dishes were mostly meat and cooked in very unspectacular ways - either braised chicken in soya sauce or steam fish fillet (with a fishy smell) or spare ribs that was rather tough. It's definitely not worth the price for close to $30 per meal. You can take a look at the photos attached.

The delivery time was also very early, depending on the driver who was assigned to send your food. There was once my dinner arrived at 3.15 pm! And you can see the time they started preparing the food is way before that. So even if you received your food on time, it means the food has been sitting in their delivery van for hours.

The menu was also repeated every week in an uncreative manner. So by third week I was already bored with the menu. I gave my feedback to them but they claimed they could not add vegetables to the menu and asked me to "take it or leave it".
So before you decide to order from natal essentials, please do your research carefully and it's best to order a trial period to assess the food and services. I can't wait for this tingkat service to be over.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Negative review of postnatal massage at

After reading about the online positive reviews of mdm rokiah and her breast massage,  I decided to book a post natal massage package at her shop (

My first session of massage was a disaster. The masseur was 15 min late because she couldn't find my address. This was despite me informing the shop about my address way before hand. This has a serious impact for a breast feeding mum as this would mean my feeding schedule would be disrupted - my massage was scheduled at 5 pm but it only ended at 7.10 pm! The package includes 60 min body massage and 15 min jamu and abd binder but half of the time the masseur was zooming in and out of the room, leaving me cold and shivering in the air con.

The indonesian therapist also couldn't speak a word of English. I have tried to communicate to her that I don't want the binder to be too tight but she doesn't seem to know what I am talking. So if you don't speak bahasa indonesia or malay, please be aware that there are language issues and you are better off hiring a local malay lady who can speak English so that you can communicate your preferences.

The massage strokes are quite soft and doesn't do much to relieve the aches and tensions in my body. There was also little focus on the tummy and breasts; of which I am rather surprised. Because post natal massage is supposed to focus on these areas! I don't think she even touch my breasts.

As for the hot stone compress - I find it doesn't do much either. It's as good as placing a warm towel - that's about it. There was no massage using the hot stones. And this massage lady actually placed her own pot on my induction hob without even asking me to "boil her stones". That's very very rude for a stranger to come into the house and use your stuff without asking.

I don't understand why she had to take so long with the massage. The driver who sent her to my house called me at least 3 times on my handphone during the last 15 min to hurry her. I was just lying there, feeling irritated my phone was ringing repeatedly. The massage ended late. I had a crying baby who demanded to be fed and I had to skip dinner to feed him.

Overall, I didn't have a pleasant experience with the massage and wouldn't be continuing my second session. I messaged the shop asking for a refund but there was no reply.

The confinement period is already a stressful one for most mothers. I think all these post natal massage shouldn't add on to our stress.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Why you should never buy fibreglass chairs from Picket & Rail

I would consider myself rather unfortunate in buying tables and chairs from Picket & Rail. Therefore I am writing this post to warn others not to repeat the same mistake as I did.
I bought my whole dining set - table and chairs from them. I also bought a hatch chair, lounge chair and 5 fibreglass chairs from them. Their furniture wasn't cheap and from their brochure they claim they made quality replicas from designer range at factory prices - I'd say these are rather low quality replicas.
After I paid quite a substantial amount of money, I am made to wait 2 to 3 months for their factory to "custom make". When the delivery date is due, they deliver poor quality items - one of my fibreglass chairs has glue at a prominent spot and cannot be scrubbed off. Two of my dining chairs had poor stitching for the leather cushions and they brought the wrong wooden frame plus nails for my dining table so they couldn't assemble it. Very poor coordination effort!
In the end, I waited for more than one month for them to replace my chairs. And I had to keep chasing their delivery department because it seemed they had forgotten about me. And mind you, their customer line is not easy to get through.
The worst deal is the fibreglass chairs which I have bought for my study. The chairs are as heavy as a rock and the fibreglass chipped off easily. If you are not careful, the spray paint comes off easily. I don't think you can get rid of stains easily without affecting it's paintwork. For a chair which costs $390, it's definitely not worthy of its price. You can take a look at the photos below to see the scratches. And I hardly sat on them.
There are much cheaper replicas of such chairs around at other furniture shops such as and you can get them at fraction of $390. The material is also lighter and scratch proof. 
So you can decide where you want to spend your money.