Monday, January 12, 2015

Why you should never buy fibreglass chairs from Picket & Rail

I would consider myself rather unfortunate in buying tables and chairs from Picket & Rail. Therefore I am writing this post to warn others not to repeat the same mistake as I did.
I bought my whole dining set - table and chairs from them. I also bought a hatch chair, lounge chair and 5 fibreglass chairs from them. Their furniture wasn't cheap and from their brochure they claim they made quality replicas from designer range at factory prices - I'd say these are rather low quality replicas.
After I paid quite a substantial amount of money, I am made to wait 2 to 3 months for their factory to "custom make". When the delivery date is due, they deliver poor quality items - one of my fibreglass chairs has glue at a prominent spot and cannot be scrubbed off. Two of my dining chairs had poor stitching for the leather cushions and they brought the wrong wooden frame plus nails for my dining table so they couldn't assemble it. Very poor coordination effort!
In the end, I waited for more than one month for them to replace my chairs. And I had to keep chasing their delivery department because it seemed they had forgotten about me. And mind you, their customer line is not easy to get through.
The worst deal is the fibreglass chairs which I have bought for my study. The chairs are as heavy as a rock and the fibreglass chipped off easily. If you are not careful, the spray paint comes off easily. I don't think you can get rid of stains easily without affecting it's paintwork. For a chair which costs $390, it's definitely not worthy of its price. You can take a look at the photos below to see the scratches. And I hardly sat on them.
There are much cheaper replicas of such chairs around at other furniture shops such as and you can get them at fraction of $390. The material is also lighter and scratch proof. 
So you can decide where you want to spend your money.


Hazey said...

I am also another one more casualties from picket and rail too!

Everyone, pls do NOT buy stuff from this company as per Woolly blog here, all so true!

My experience goes back bout 1y back in 2014 when I thought I found my dream sofa under KuKa brand. As per Woolly, I was sold on the premiere brand that the shop touted on. So I bought KuKa sofa, Ottoman, head rest, leather kit .. I so believed the quality. Sigh.

This company acts like a scam. They don't believe in customer services, you have to do all the chasing, so you are the 'employee' and they cannot manage face or telephone discussions. Their only acceptable mode is email, coz they want a black and white.

If its black and white, their records suck big time. They claimed they did their own checks and insisted all my items were delivered already. If yes, where are my remaining items that they took back from their mistakes??

Now this big power guy, Jack Li, calls the shot. He sent me an email to state he will cease any communications on my case. Why?

Because this unhappy customer wants a refund from their negligible customer services, unprofessional delivery and installation services and worst, shoddy workmanship, lack of follow up (probably they want a natural death on any issues, esp after collecting full payment?) Gangster approach esp when refunds are mentioned.

Buyers, I hugely do not want you to buy from this company. Unless you got money and time to waste away.

joyfromthelittlereddot said...


Looks like I am not alone! I almost wanted to say "I should have checked for reviews before buying from them" till I saw your posting date.
I got my fibreglass chair from them in 2014. Within a few months, the stopper or whatever you call it, at the foot of the legs, broke. My parquet flooring was spoiled because of the protruding nail. Reported to Picket & Rail. Got some replacement stoppers. These too break after another few months. All these happened within 1 year of my purchase.

Now 2 years have gone by, the most horrific thing happened.
1 of the wooden leg broke. I fell off the chair and hit my bottom and my left hand/wrist landed hard in an attempt to support myself.

It's about a week and I still feel lingering pain in my wrist and back.

It is utterly disgusting that I had to pay >$300 for the chair. I bought 6 of them!!!!! Now, I seriously worry when the next chair will fail me. :(

Woollycroak said...

Hi thanks for ur comments. The quality of the chairs are really bad.
I also had the stoppers issue and asked for replacement which the sales was rather unhappy about.
I need to send a photo of it before they gave me 4 replacements. In the end I sold the chairs.