Saturday, May 9, 2015

My Natal essentials review

To save time on cooking confinement food, I ordered confinement tingkat. There are some positive reviews on natal essentials on facebook groups ; most of them claimed the food portion was good and arrived warm. I stupidly believed such reviews and order 1 month. Now, on retrospection, the confinement food from TMC was much better - I tasted it when I was in hospital.

My main grouse with natal essentials was there was no vegetables for almost every meal. The two dishes were mostly meat and cooked in very unspectacular ways - either braised chicken in soya sauce or steam fish fillet (with a fishy smell) or spare ribs that was rather tough. It's definitely not worth the price for close to $30 per meal. You can take a look at the photos attached.

The delivery time was also very early, depending on the driver who was assigned to send your food. There was once my dinner arrived at 3.15 pm! And you can see the time they started preparing the food is way before that. So even if you received your food on time, it means the food has been sitting in their delivery van for hours.

The menu was also repeated every week in an uncreative manner. So by third week I was already bored with the menu. I gave my feedback to them but they claimed they could not add vegetables to the menu and asked me to "take it or leave it".
So before you decide to order from natal essentials, please do your research carefully and it's best to order a trial period to assess the food and services. I can't wait for this tingkat service to be over.