Friday, March 11, 2016

Fake dust bag from Reebonz

A few months back, I bought a vintage kelly from Reebonz closet. And as you know reebonz claims they have authentication experts to look at the bag throughly or so I thought. Anyway there was another incident when I bought a chanel necklace and thought the hang tag looked a bit off - also through reebonz closet, but did not pursue since it wasn't that big an amount to waste my time on it.
Back to the story - I received the bag and decided to send it to Hermes Spa when I am free a few months later. So finally I went to the H store last week. Brought the whole bag including the dust bag - the sales person and her supervisor told me they had never seen the dust bag before. And right after I left the store, she called me again to tell me the dust bag looks odd.
Now, for those who do not know, Hermes has this clause in their receipt that if the bag is found not to be genuine, they would without a question destroy the item in Paris.
I went home with the clochette of the bag plus the lock (it's an attachment of the kelly and the H staff refuses to take in for spa) and found there was no Hermes engraving on the lock which is even more odd. So I search through the Internet for more photos of the same vintage bag n the ones I came across had the engraving. Puzzled, I emailed Reebonz for a response. They insisted their authentication team are experts and basically tell you to "get lost" kind of email. So this is the kind of response I get after buying so many vintage items from them and being their black or whatever tier member???
I called Hermes to ask them if they do provide any letter (as required proof by Reebonz) in the event that the bag is not authentic or rather fake. They replied no. They don't do that. So what kind of rubbish is this Reebonz? Don't they know Hermes has the most unobliging kind of sales service in the world?
It has been a few days since and I am still waiting for a response from the Reebonz side. What I wanted to know is how did they pass the bag and sell me this one with a dubious dust bag? And for your info, Hermes did not send the bag to Paris. They said they have a "craftsman" here to service the bag.

Update: 17 June 2016
Many readers have emailed me to ask about the outcome of this case and I will attached a response from reebonz here, as well as a photo of the dustbag in question.

The kelly came back from Spa - hermes didn't reject the bag, so I suppose it's deemed authentic. Only the dustbag they asked me to retrieve back as though it's vermin.  Still, I query the intentions of the reebonz seller who wrapped this bag in a fake dust bag, and reebonz did not do justice to send me a fake dust bag either. The closet seller has since not responded to my messages on the dust bag.

Reply from Reebonz

Thank you for the photos of dust bag attached. I will consult our ateliers for advise. 

We understand your concerns and the frustrations you experienced. 
We wish to reiterate that as a service platform we provide to facilitate logistics and authentication, we have no control over the packing materials seller provides. As shared in our tele-conversation, there are instances where seller provides the merchandise with non-original brand name box or dust bag. We would proceed to fulfill the order if the merchandise itself passes our atelier's checklist. 

We trust that our trained ateliers has delivered their expertise, that the Kelly bag, padlock and keys are genuine. I must apologise that your visit to Hermes boutique landed you in an uncomfortable situation. I can totally empathise with that.

You had also shared with us that the dust bag received was different to the one in the seller's photo listing. She had ignored your queries of the dust bag issue after the transaction went through. It appeared that we have a case of dishonest seller here. We will look into her account/activities and have her blacklisted if necessary.

For the past few months, we have implemented more stringent process to ensure that what we received from seller, is the same as what was listed. In the event that accessories or packing materials differ to listing, we would inform the buyer first before delivering. If the buyer declines to proceed with purchase, we would cancel the order and process a full refund. 

We value your feedback and take them seriously. We are constantly reviewing our processes to improve our customer experience. I had shared your experience with the Closets committee as case study. We shall await your updates from the Hermes craftsman's evaluation and follow up from there. In the event Hermes certifies that the merchandise you purchase through Reebonz Closets is not authentic, we will do our best to make it right.

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