Saturday, June 25, 2016

BAD Review of Dorma and SNK Solid Wood Doors

I am totally put off by the purchase experience with SNK Solid Wood Doors that I find that I need to spend 30 minutes of my precious time penning this review to warn others not to get anything from them. I will be attaching photos here to explain what happened and the utterly disgusting after sales service the boss himself provides. I am not someone who will mince my words when it comes to reporting bad service. He doesn't deserve any kind words from me.

It all started with my faulty Dorma Door Closer. If you are into home renovation, you would know there are three ways to stop a door from slamming against the door. And installing a door closer is one of them. The other two is to use a magnetic door catch which is placed at the bottom of the door and the last one is to buy a rubber door stopper.

This is how the dorma door closer looks like
So I have installed this 3 years ago when I moved into my house. And the original wood door was installed by the S&K Door (also known as SNK door). The solid door costs $900 at that time, and amongst them I ordered a few other doors from them as well with a bill costing thousands. The dorma door closer costs $180 each during that time when I ordered it. And now in a span of three years, it has increased to $190. I have more than one dorma door closer in my house.

Just a word of caution to those who wanted to install such door closers, it will give way after 2-3 years. I have tolerated with the problem for quite some time before I decided to call in Ewins Marketing Pte Ltd (the distributor and installer of dorma door closer in Singapore. This Ewins Marketing apparently has no website and no email on their invoice in this day and age - scary. I wonder how they manage to clinch the distributorship of Dorma. Anyway, I started calling dorma who directed me to Ewins and their salesman told me to rip out the whole door closer to install a NEW ONE. What the heck! You mean I have to rip out and re-install a new door closer every 2-3 years?

I manage to speak to the boss of Ewins (Raymond) who then directed me to another salesman called Jonathan. In the end, they agreed to replace only a spare part of the door closer which is spoilt. According to them, it is not functioning because of "wear and tear". But it is just after 2 years! So long story short, they send the first team of technicians who didn't know what they are doing. Ended up with a deep scratch on the door closer. See photo below.

See the scratch on the arm

And they send a second team to replace the arm. And the second time they did, the door is misaligned because of the way they screw the door closer. The door was dragging the floor when it was closing. Despite this, they refuse to acknowledge it is their fault and claimed that it was the problem of my door sagging due to age. Ridiculous! I found out much later the door is not sagging, but the door closer is not screwed properly.

So they insisted I call in the door company to rectify my "sagging" door. That is when the whole business got even worst.

S&K or SNK door sends an old uncle to come to diagnose the problem. But you know such door technicians are usually not very sharp. So he ripped out my door and started shaving off the wood at the hinges in an attempt to hoist the door up again.

And he ripped away part of the wood of the door frame
Looks far worse in reality
The uncle didn't even bother to apologise for his mistake. I called the office at S&K (SNK) door and was attended by a group of HALF BAKED AUNTIES who had very poor service standards. In the end I manage to speak to the boss of S&K (SNKDOOR) who sounded like an UNCOUTH UNCLE AND HOOLIGAN on the phone. He was screaming at me and insisted that he would not be responsible for this damage. I was appalled beyond words that there are such businesses around with such low standards and poor aftersales service.

Hey, you broke my door frame and now you are saying it is not your business?

This is the receipt and address of SK door
My advice to my fellow readers in Singapore is NOT TO INSTALL DORMA DOOR CLOSER, unless you are prepared to repair or change it every 2-3 years. It is not worth the trouble because the technicians can come in to do more damage than you can imagine. My office had one similar door closer and it had the same problem. When you click into place, 2-3 minutes later it starts to give way and the door closes on its own.

And most importantly, NOT TO ENGAGE this hooligan business called S&K DOOR also known as SNKDOOR (but in the receipt it states SK renovation house).

Disgusting service.

Hey, there are so many other door contractors in Singapore - you are not the only one selling doors.

I hope S&K DOOR / SNK DOOR go bust soon. Such service standards will not get you far in this day and age when the consumers are getting more internet savvy.