Sunday, July 3, 2016

Why I would never buy from Keepsake By Ryo - An honest review.

I came across Keepsake by Ryo who makes breast milk jewelry not long ago. But after reading so much about her on the breastmilk keepsake facebook group, I was appalled that such a seller exists! Gosh... here are the reasons why I would not pay a single cent to them.

We found out that she lied about their products. They claimed they worked with Tiffany & Co and Pandora in designing their jewelry but it turned out to be a hoax. A mummy confirmed this with a reply from tiffany & Co. It was mentioned in the facebook group that Pandora denied any collaboration. 

Someone exposed this lie in the Breastmilk Keepsake FB group.  And instead of apologising to her customers for this mistake, Ryo posted an un-mosaic photo of the person who exposed their lie on their fb page and twisted her words (in other words - flip prata here and there; pardon my colloquialism) to say there is no collaboration and people misunderstood her words.

They included the photo of poor Serena and her innocent children. I had to personally mosaic her photo here for the purpose of the blog. Ryo had no respect for others. How would she have feel if I screenshot her profile photo and said she lied to all of us? I have more human decency to respect her and her family. But she didn't. 

There are also serious quality issues with her products. Several mummies shared photos of what was being sent to them on facebook. Check out this.

Uneven edges and cheap looking plastic. Mummy describes it as tikam store jewelry from Pasar malam (night market)

Actual product from Keepsake By Ryo

Ok. We know handmade products can never be perfect. The breastmilk jewelry were made in a rush because of the hundreds of orders they receive and obviously they didn't have time to QC their stuff before sending it out. Customers would have been understanding if you settle it amicably with them. But heck no! Keepsake By Ryo called their customers "terrorists" and turned off reviews on their website instead of answering the poor quality issues from various mummies. Check out the evidence below.

If that was not enough, she started to boast about her huge freezer and warned others not to buy from her fellow competitor whom she stalked on ACRA to fish out her hdb address. There's something seriously wrong with this Ryo. Does she think that living in a hdb masionette equates to living in a big space? She has offended 80% of Singaporeans who stay in "only HDB flats". We are all aware that hdb masionettes are meant for the sandwich middle income class in Singapore. Its to bridge the gap for those who cannot afford a private property. Nothing to boast about. There are far more wealthier people in Singapore. And we respect HDB dwellers. Small space doesn't mean no space.

Instead of solving her quality issues, she has to bring up the fact that her fellow competitor has "difficulties in her life" and "has to deal with a "special needs child". That's being really insensitive and gloating over other's people misfortune! How can you read it any other way? I don't think any person in the right frame of mind will say such things. For Chris' sake, it doesn't concern you at all. Do you know basic respect for people?

So what if you make 400 pieces of keepsakes every month? Need to brag again? Since you dare to publish it, you jolly well make sure you pay your taxes every year. If not, IRAS will come knocking on your door very soon.

Now who is this business owner at Keepsake By Ryo? It had been reported she used to run a tuition centre but now no more. And she was an ex A level economics teacher.

We are all aware that the tuition industry is a very competitive one. It's such a great shame you need to close your shop. But to run a business, we need to do it with heart. The teaching profession is a noble calling, but your acts are far less than noble. Thank goodness such a black sheep like you has been taken off this noble calling. I cannot trust my child to be taught by such a teacher.

There is no need to keep challenging your competitors to win Nobel prize for this and that.

First of all, you need to upgrade your skills and not offend your customers with your rough handiwork.

Secondly, instead of switching off your reviews, you need to hire a PR manager to handle your multiple complaints. Turning off negative reviews is not the way to go.

Thirdly, you need to place your hand on your heart to ask yourself where your conscience lie. Is it in the "dustbin" which you so much love to sign off with?

Let me show you a screenshot of your signature, in case you have forgotten about it.

I hope mothers in Singapore know where to put their money if they want to make breastmilk keepsake or jewelry. There are many similar businesses out there with better ethics, make better quality products and have better after sales service. At the end of the day, we want to spend our money happily.  If you cannot keep up, stand aside!

By the way, I don't get paid to write this negative review. The screenshots are all evidence of what I have seen. 

P/s: I will be updating on this post, in case this ex tuition teacher cannot take my honest review lying down... maybe she should stand up to read? Sorry for the pun. Haha.

The aftermath: Ryo claims that the abusive replies are written by her husband who has anger management issues, but it turns out that it was her writing all these abusive replies all along, not her husband. It was exposed by the administrator of the breastmilk keepsake group who compared her writing style with that of her husband on their Facebook accounts.

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